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Roast by Yili

Growing Specialty Coffee through Local Partnerships.

We are proud to support and partner with Cereal for Coffee to grow their capacity and influence.

Award winning Roaster Yili Wang and business partner Naman Briner lead a growing team of passionate coffee professionals based in the Brisbane and Gold Coast - working under the label ‘Roast by Yili’.

Yili has been roasting coffee from Ashmore for over 15 years - he was Golden Bean best overall roaster for 2014 & 2015. Coffee is his life.

Naman has a background in Architectural design and commercial photography prior to his immersion in coffee which began seriously around 6 years ago. Having worked with Yili’s coffees at a couple of leading specialty coffee shops in Brisbane, Naman was happy to bring barista skills, technical, design and business experience to the team. His focus within the business has been sales, training and technical support to our customers, as well as being able to offer design and practical advice to those in the building phase. Naman also leads a team of baristas who serve specialty coffee in his own church cafe in Coorparoo.

Coffee is first and foremost a passion for us, and we strive to deliver coffee that is unique, flavoursome, sweet and clean. We are more interested in what is delivered in the cup than anything else, and it takes great commitment from everybody.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, and we do aim to simplify recipes and methods. In order to consistently deliver coffee in the cup that we would be happy to drink, we first need to source the right coffees though our green coffee partners. We develop roast profiles to suit the coffee and brew methods, and we roast the coffee with care and expertise. We are growing an innovative team and using the latest technology to achieve this.